Legends Publishing’s collection of Arsenal books are must-haves for all fans of The Gunners. Every era of the club’s history is covered in our unique collection – from the formative Royal Arsenal years, right through to Wenger’s reign. Our authors are all life-long fans of the club and write with huge knowledge and passion – treat yourself, or the Arsenal fans in your life, to these very special books.

Over the years Arsenal fans have created incredible atmospheres in football grounds around Europe and come up with some of the funniest and creative chants and songs, the very best of which are featured in this book, along with plenty of fantastic fan memories.

We’ve Only Got One Song is a celebration of supporting Arsenal Football Club, and this book honours every single Arsenal fan who has ever sung in support for the team throughout its proud history… this book is dedicated to them.

Highly acclaimed artist, Paine Proffitt, provides several of his award-winning illustrations, along with evocative photos and memorabilia to accompany the chapters.

All advanced purchasers will receive a limited edition Yellow and Blue Scarf cover edition, get their name (or the name of a friend or family member if you prefer) printed in the Arsenal Singers Dedications Section, a Paine Proffitt cover print, as well as an author signed copy of the book.

If you want another person’s name printed in any book purchased, simply email info@legendspublishing.net straight after you purchase the book online.

All overseas purchases will need to pay an extra courier charge depending on the geographical region.

Soulless Stadia… Selfies… Social Media “celebrities” and half and half scarves. Attention-hungry Superfans who would sell their own mothers for followers… and Click-hungry journos who sell their souls for ad revenue. Welcome to modern football. A world in which anyone can have a voice, despite having nothing to say. 

Join author Darren Berry on a journey; a season through the eyes of a lifelong Arsenal supporter, trying to rediscover his love for the game, a game drowning in a sea of Clickbait and 24/7 social media saturation. This is a journey through the rollercoaster ride of modern football… Hold on tight!

All advanced purchasers will receive a limited edition Anti Clickbait badge, a Paine Proffitt cover print, as well as an author signed copy that includes a personal Clickbait message!

All overseas purchases will need to pay an extra courier charge depending on the geographical region.

This limited edition includes a Tony Adams badge!


Dave Seager is back with his third Arsenal inspired book in five years… although this unique offering is somewhat left of field compared to ‘Geordie Armstrong’ and ‘Supporting Arsenal is a Funny Old Game’.

Now that the dust has settled, after a somewhat divisive final few years, on the Wenger reign, Seager wanted to take Gunners back in time – to the scintillating early years of Le Prof’s tenure. However, the author’s inspiration came, not from the well-trodden path of the unbeaten Premier League campaign, but earlier, from the two seasons that gave Wenger his first four trophies and Arsenal’s second and third League and FA Cup Doubles.

Seager takes us on a evocative  journey down Memory Lane – through the 1997/98 and 2001/02 League and FA Cup successes – however, it is the method he’s chosen to do so that is refreshingly different to any other football book you will have read.

“To my mind historians are the lifeblood of football and people with Arsenal at heart are lucky to have Mark Andrews and Andy Kelly. This masterpiece is enhanced by the skilful writing of Tim Stillman and the result is an extraordinary combination of detail with readability. Royal Arsenal: Champions of the South is a terrific piece of work.” 

Patrick Barclay: Chairman of The Football Writers’ Association.

Arsenal Historians, Mark Andrews and Andy Kelly, along with editor Tim Stillman, uncover how Royal Arsenal grew to become the Champions of the South – encapsulating the football lives of the founders, players, administrators and supporters of the forerunners of The Arsenal Football Club.

In 2004, Arsenal achieved footballing immortality after going through an entire season unbeaten. That team would forever be known as ‘The Invincibles’, but 13 years beforehand, there was another Arsenal team who should have achieved that accolade first. George Graham’s title winning team of 1990/91 lost just one game in an amazing season – having to overcome some unbelievable set-backs in order to win the Championship.

The team’s inspirational captain, Tony Adams, being sent to prison, a more rigorous fixture schedule, a mid-match brawl that led to the only points deduction to have ever been given to a club – before or since –  are just some of the crazy circumstances that the Arsenal team of 90/91 had to overcome.

This book will take you through every facet of that incredible season, from the new signings, the pre-season build up and in depth league and cup match coverage combine to show readers why the Class of ‘91 should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Invincibles – and why they should perhaps be considered equals.

This fantastic new book features a vast array of Gooner Comedy Royalty, interviewing them about the passion and support for Arsenal FC – from international super-star funny men Paul Kaye and Matt Lucas, the elder statesmen such as Clive Anderson, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, through to the current sitcom, panel show and stand-up kings, including Alan Davies, Romesh Ranganathan, Hugh Dennis, Ian Stone, Dara O’Briain, Milton Jones, Tom Rosenthal and Alex Brooker… Plus Gary Marshall, Chris Martin and Jim Campbell. 

George ‘Geordie’ Armstrong was the antithesis of the modern day football star – and yet to those who knew him, played with him, or cheered him on from the terraces – he was exactly that… a bona fide Arsenal Superstar. The overwhelming warmth and affection for ‘Geordie’, felt by everyone connected with Arsenal Football Club, is encapsulated within this stunning book, which features interviews and contributions from dozens of those who were fortunate enough to have worked with a much-loved Gunners Icon, including: Arsene Wenger, Bob Wilson, Frank McLintock, Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp, Lee Dixon, David Dein, Gary Lewin… as well as a chapter written by the fans.

Is this book a top top souvenir, reliving Arsenal’s outstanding FA Cup-retaining season 2014-15, from the super award-winning  Arsène Wenger Twitter parody artist @wengerknowsbest? Is it the follow-up to his debut book Little Bit Silverware, that they have all been waiting for? Overall, basically yes. With little bit highlights from his outstanding timeline, plus even more exclusive new exposés and revelations, we remain absolutely convinced this sequel is of exceptional quality.