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We believe that everybody has a story to tell - our unique list of titles are designed to allow readers and writers of all ages, and from all walks of life, to share their unique memories and personal experiences.

Through our books we aim to bring history to life.

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Legends Series
To the delight of readers tired of mere facts and figures, these books talk directly to many of the important players and managers in a club's history about the promotions, relegations, cup runs, play-offs and bust-ups which become ingrained in every fans' memory or form part of football folklore. Terrace idols and cult legends have been tracked down and interviewd to establish what it was really like to be involved at the centre of the action and to record their unique memories.
'Til I Die
Managers and players may come and go, but it is the supporters of a football club who are the lifeblood and remain loyal forever. The unique 'Til I Die series captures the essence of what it means to be a fan of their clubs through dozens of emotional, humorous and often wacky stories and golden memories. These colourful books are packed with real football stories written by real football fans.
Legends Education
Love it or hate it, school has a powerful influence over our lives. Everyone has a school story to tell: moments of endeavour, determination and triumph; memories of powerful characters and influences - of friendship and enmity, of lasting values and understanding. Within the pages of our school books, the power of the school community unfolds.